10th Anniversary show at CONTAD TOKYO !!

October 11th

It has been for 10 years since I first had a runway show in Tokyo. Celebrating the anniversary, we had a runway at the cafe " Twenty Eight", 28th floor of CONRAD hotel in Shiodome, Tokyo.
It was the first time in 6 years to have show in Tokyo and in 2 years for runway itself.


This time theme is "JET SETTER".

This year is the 10th anniversary of AKIKO OGAWA.
The theme for her 2012 Spring Summer collection is "Jet-setter".

Ogawa wants to express the style and sophistication of the Japanese woman who travels the world on a special assignment and whose clothes are both for business and to party.
Her signature is a tailored jacket; cool and sexy.
The collection is in four distinct parts with the first being more structured with a base of black and white and an accent on lime green and lemon yellow.
Use of white luxury tweed from Linton (England) is both simple and very elegant.

Secondly in a less formal style are a draped jacket and skirts in Japanese silk double georgette with reduced structure and a more feminine shape than her traditional formal style suits.  For colour she has mixed beige and grey to make "greyge" and coordinated this with items in peppermint to give a soft elegant feel.

The third section is a "rock chic" summer look using a washed linen and viscose jacket in a masculine military cut to provide the "rock" along with items such as an ocean print silk chiffon long dress, a white draped t-shirt and a tuxedo dress to give the "chic".

The final section is dramatic and expresses Asian beauty and style whilst retaining Japanese elements in the colours, scarlet, nume and Caribbean blue, the materials, such as silk cotton organza from Kyoto, and finally with style touches such as Kimono sleeves.


At the show, I really had a great time as I was able to meet so many people I had not seen for a while. I am so delighted to share this with these people.

It seems to go by fast but it also the years feel very long because of what I have gone through. Without the support from all of people, I could not have done that and I could not continue my business without the multi brand shops' support too.
Also I always appreciate my costumers for selecting my clothes and I will continue to make you happy.

Lastly, I would like to thank you to CONRAD TOKYO as I could realize the most luxury space and show my world.

I am so happy for these 10 years and I could not image what I was going to be 10 years ago,,,,

Again, thank you so much for all of your support!

AKIKO OGAWA ブランドを東京で初めて今年でまる10年を迎える事ができました!
それを記念して ランウェイショーを汐留コンラッド東京の28階カフェTWENTY EIGHTにて行いました。




ずっとAKIKO OGAWA.の洋服を楽しんで買って頂いてるお客様に感謝します。



Hair YASさん Make YUKIさん


CLASSY  礼子さん駿河姉さま



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